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Adar Goldfarb

Born in Israel 1976

Works and lives in Binyamina, Israel 


2012-2014: Post Graduate Fine Art program, Faculty of arts, Hamidrasha at Beit Berl College, Israel 

2001-2005: Bachelor degree in Industrial Design (B.des), Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel 2003: Student Exchange, DesignskolenKolding, Kolding, Denmark 

Solo Exhibitions: 

2015: “Exhausted”, Kinetic installation, Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv 

(Curator: Boaz Arad) 

2015: “The Almost Room”, Kinetic Room Installation, Artist House Gallery, Tel Aviv 

(Curator: Vera Pilpul) 

2014: “Vaskimiskina”, Kinetic installation, Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv 

(Curator: Avi Lubin) 

2011: “Statically Indeterminate”, Sculptures and Assemblage, Axolotl Gallery, Guadalajara, Mexico 

(Curator: Gabriella Velasco) 

Duo Exhibitions: 

2018: "Moment Of Force" with Inbar Frim, Kinetic Installations and Drawings, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (Curator: Keren Zaltz) 

2016: “Menopause of a wonder kid” with Yonatan Ben Simhon, Kinetic installation, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv (Curator: Adiya Porat) 

2015: “Counter Collaboration” with Anton Avramov, Sculptures and Performance, Meshuna Gallery, Tel Aviv (Curator: Yael Keinan) 

2011:”Sketches” with Amiram Eini, Sculptures, Machon Hamaim Gallery, Givatayim, Israel 

(Curator: Doron Pollack) 

Group Exhibitions: 

2021: “Who will follow us ?”, (A multi Disciplinary event commemorating the late Uri Katzenstein), Kinetic Room, The Israeli Center  for digital art, Holon 

2021: “Don't worry, Be happy”, Kinetic Photograph, Minshar School of Art Gallery 

2019: “ Duchamps' Games” ,Jazz Massage, Kinetic Sculpture, Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel 

2018: Print Screen Festival, Design Museum Holon, Outdoor Kinetic Installation, Car orchestra (Curator: Lior Zalmanson) 2017: “Stopping the Apocalypse”, Kinetic Installations & Sculptures, Utopia Film Festival Tel Aviv Cinematheque, (Curator: Adar Goldfarb) 

2016: “Dada 100, 12 Curators examine the basic principles of the movement in Israeli contemporary art”, Kinetic Installation, Janco Dada

Museum, Ein Hod, Israel 

(Curator: Raya Zommer-Tal) 

2016: “Split Ends”, Kinetic Sculpture, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv 

(Curators: Rivka Kave & Dina Levy) 

2014: “De-typed” with Yonatan Ben Simhon, Kinetic Room Installation, Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts at Beit Berl College, Beit Berl,  Israel 

(Curator: Alona Fridberg) 

2014: “Trapped?” Kinetic Sculpture, Kibbutz Galuyot 45, Tel Aviv 

(Curator: Shirley Meshulam) 

2014: “2 in the Richter Scale”, Kinetic Installations and Sculptures, Florentine 45 Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv (Curators: Vera Pilpul & Gilat Nadivi) 

2014: “Jewelry Tales: Narratives in contemporary jewelry”, Assemblage, Artist House Gallery, Mevaseret Zion, Israel (Curators: Jennifer Navva Milliken & Yael Friedman) 

2014: Meshuna Opening Exhibition, Video Installation, Meshuna Art Gallery, Tel Aviv 

(Curators: Oren Fisher & Anton Avramov) 

2013: “He who criticizes or rejects the game, Is already part of the game”, Kinetic Sculpture, Spaceship Gallery, Tel Aviv (Curator: Assaf Gruber) 

2013: “Machines of Desire”, Kinetic Sculpture, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv 

(Curator: Dan Allon)








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